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Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

By utilizing any part of the company website https://kingofcrash.io, the client is considered to have entered into a contract with https://kingofcrash.io and is obligated to adhere to these general conditions, along with our Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy etc.

It may be necessary to modify these general conditions from time to time without prior notice, for various reasons. All modifications will be published on our page.

It is essential to acknowledge that access to and/or use of the website may be unlawful in certain countries. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that such access and use comply with the applicable laws of their country of residence, and to confirm that gambling is legal in their jurisdiction.

https://kingofcrash.io is dedicated to providing excellent Customer Service, promoting responsible gaming as part of this commitment.

2. Creation of a https://kingofcrash.io Account

All individuals must be at least 18 years old and possess the legal capacity to register and bet on https://kingofcrash.io. https://kingofcrash.io reserves the right to request documentation verifying age and may suspend the account until such information is provided.

Clients must personally register, and all information provided during registration on this website must be accurate and complete. Failure to comply may result in the suspension of the gaming account and cancellation of any deposits (including associated winnings).

https://kingofcrash.io reserves the right to verify customer addresses by requesting documentation such as a service account, bank statement, or proof of residence.

By accepting the General Conditions, the client agrees that https://kingofcrash.io has the right to request identification, verification, or other checks as needed. The client agrees to provide all necessary information for these verification checks. Failure to comply may result in the suspension or restriction of the account.

https://kingofcrash.io retains the right to deny account registration to any client at its sole discretion.

3. Suspension and Closure

To close your account, please contact us

https://kingofcrash.io reserves the right to close or suspend a client's account at any time. This includes situations where:

If https://kingofcrash.io closes or suspends a client's account for the above reasons, the platform also has the right to retain any balance, including winnings, bet credits, or bonus payments.

4. Income and Bets

Bets can only be placed with funds credited through deposits into the client's account or, in some cases, bonuses provided by https://kingofcrash.io. To place bets or participate in games, clients must make a deposit into their account.

Deposits should be made solely for the purpose of playing or placing bets on any of our services. https://kingofcrash.io reserves the right to suspend or close an account if it suspects the client deposited money without the intention to play or place bets.

Only deposits by the account holder will be accepted. If the account holder differs from the registered https://kingofcrash.io data, any entries in the gaming account may be treated as invalid (with associated earnings considered null).

5. Withdrawals

Withdrawals will be credited to the account from which deposits were made whenever possible.

6. Other

Clients are responsible for reporting gains and losses to tax authorities or other competent authorities in their jurisdiction.

Gambling over the Internet may be illegal in the customer's country, and if so, the customer is not authorized to use their payment card for transactions. However, any bets approved from the customer's jurisdiction will prevail, whether they win or lose.

https://kingofcrash.io is not a financial institution, and no interest is paid on the client.

Our Obligations

https://kingofcrash.io is exempt from liability for potential damages, losses, or alleged liability related to the website or its content.

While https://kingofcrash.io endeavors to ensure the accuracy of website information, it does not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the material. The website may contain typographical errors, inaccuracies, or outdated information, and https://kingofcrash.io is not obligated to update such information.

https://kingofcrash.io is obliged to enforce these terms and conditions, as well as all rules published on our site.

Our Intellectual Property Rights

The website's contents are protected by copyright laws and other intellectual property rights, with ownership belonging to https://kingofcrash.io.

All products, names, and company logos mentioned on the website are registered trademarks, service marks, or trade names of their respective owners, suppliers, teams, including https://kingofcrash.io.


For complaints, contact our Customer Support Department via email at support@kingofcrash.io.

https://kingofcrash.io will make every effort to promptly resolve reported issues.

Queries regarding transactions can also be directed to https://kingofcrash.io with the details of the query. While our decision is final, it will be thoroughly reviewed and confirmed with our service providers.

Breaches and Penalties

If you breach any provision of these Terms and Conditions or if https://kingofcrash.io has reasonable grounds to suspect a breach, it reserves the right to not open, suspend, or close your account, or retain money in your account due to damages caused by you.

https://kingofcrash.io may freeze or terminate your account if it suspects your involvement in illegal or fraudulent activities, breaches of this Agreement, or if you pose a risk to our business. The decision to suspend or permanently ban participation on our site is at the sole discretion of https://kingofcrash.io.

You acknowledge that https://kingofcrash.io has the final decision on whether you violated the Terms and Conditions in a way that results in suspension or permanent ban from participating on our site.

Code of Conduct

To contact us, adhere to the following recommendations. Failure to comply with these recommendations may result in the permanent closure of your account without compensation, refund, or retention of any profits generated on https://kingofcrash.io if your messages:

    Are sexually explicit or highly offensive.

    Use derogatory terms and/or incite hatred.

    Are abusive, defamatory, harass, threaten, or cause distress or annoyance to our support agents.


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